Kenda Big Block Tyres Review (Part 2)

Let's track back a little when we said about how stiff the sidewalls were on the big blocks. We need to know that we can get a tyre off the rim on the trail if needed for puncture repair etc so that's why when it came to fitting onto the big katoom the tyre levers came out.

No real drama with the front infact quite easy. So time for the rear, is it gunna be a pain in the arse or not?

To be honest no it wasn't any harder than any other tyre we've fitted especially the infamous e09 which can be a bitch!

So they are on and wheels fitted on the bike. Now the ktm 990 runs narrower rims than stock to give a better tyre choice so we opted for the 130/80/18 on the rear and man does it look skinny!


We never bother balancing tyres for trail riding. So the bike is loaded up and we head of on the journey from Northampon to Rhyader (Mid Wales) approx 100 miles.

Upon getting on the road the first thing I noticed was how balanced they felt! Seriously felt like they had been balanced.

The journey down was a mix of sunshine and showers and just like the gs the ktm and tyres handled beautifully.

OK enough with all this tarmac stuff we've established that they are pretty darn good on road you lot wanna hear the real test! How good are these off road!

Well let me tell you this I've been running a certain combo on the ktm that I didn't think I'd ever stop using but I may have just found something to knock em off the top spot.

The Starta florida is a mix of stone, slate, silt, mud and lots and lots of water! So a perfect test ground.

68378679_801386303610215_5913950828770623488_njpgSo a slight drop in pressure and it was time to hit the trails. The first part of the Strata is very rocky indeed and polished but the kenda took it all in its stride. Some steep rock steps that have a tad of moss but no problems there either. Fast corners on the silt and you can brake turn and power slide out in control with the rear constantly hooked up.

I'm the mud a dual sport tyre you always have the concern of it clogging up in deep muddy conditions but the big block didn't have any of it, they have a nice spaced tread pattern.

Then we come to the water crossings. Now the Starta florida you cross the same river 8 times and as you can imagine the bottom is highly polished from years of current. Yet again plenty of traction and we are through.

Now being part of and old roman road the Starta has a lot of sharp slate with is like a cheese greater to tyres but the kenda held up well with only a few nicks.

And that's the end of the Strata florida. So it time to head back 35miles to base for the evening but I decide to leave the tyres at low pressures approx 20 psi to see how they handled the road. Due to the stiff side wall they handle just as I though perfectly. 

So to conclude as a newbie here in the uk the kenda big block is my new personal choice of tyre/s

The price, handling and grip and fantastic and I can see them lasting also so it's a winner winner chicken dinner for us at Art.

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Big thanks to the guys #gripnriptyres and #kenda for giving us the opportunity to put these to the test.

Many thanks

Art Team.

For more information on Kenda Tyres, please you can visit their website.