Training & guided trail rides, around the country and the world for Adventure Riders riding Adventure Bikes. Check out our blog to see what we get up to. We have ridden trails in France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco to mention a few...  

   Training - We will cover things like bike setup, body positioning, riding techniques, braking etc... This part is all about the theory. We would like you to come armed with questions so that we can discuss them and give you the right pointers so that your outings with your beast become much more fun and enjoyable. Riding mountains, deserts or muddy forests will become second nature to you. 

   Guided Trails -  Aimed at the individual that wants to get that first off road experience or the individual that would like to progress from novice. We provide day's ride, weekends and longer trips, often abroad on the continent. 

Jim Greenhill

Jim is an incredible individual with fantastic coaching and riding skills.

He started in the schoolboy MX academy at 5 years old and never stopped! He raced his way through the ranks to the British nationals and finished MX in British masters following an injury which didn't allow him to come back at his full potential, without risking big. 

That's when he turned his attention towards Adventure Bike riding, well over 10 years ago. He discovered a new passion for travelling across the country and indeed the continent, hopping from trail to trail and country to country. 

Jim loves a challenge and the satisfaction that comes from getting a group of people on big adventure bikes through some of the toughest trails imaginable. His ability to build your confidence up and achieve what you previously thought impossible is incredible. 

He knows what it feels like when you hit that first hill, rut, trail, water and that's what he wants to pass on! That feeling of sheer excitement ...

"I love the satisfaction of helping people, its never been about the money and never will be"

Megan Davidson (Guide)

Megan is the newest addition to A.R.T. Her ability to push through when in doubt or when challenged is impressive.

Megan has been riding bikes for over 30 years, on the track and road. She took part in one of A.R.T.’s ladies days on her Tiger 800 with road tyres and completed it without incident - and ended the day with a huge smile on her face and a new obsession.

Her passion and progression from never having ridden off-road to where she is now has been outstanding.

Megan hasn’t been riding off-road as long as Jim, but that makes her a natural at understanding the fears and doubts of newer riders or those who might lack the confidence to give off-roading a go.

She’s always there to help the newer or less confident riders to give friendly calming advice or just to get them out of that sticky situation. She loves nothing more than watching people progress and fall in love with the sport like she has.

Megan has a huge passion for the whoops and also enjoys the more technical terrain, along with having a fondness for water crossings.

Having ridden bigger and heavier bikes on the trails, she’s finally settled on the smaller enduro bikes and is very happy to ride her DRZ to within an inch of its life.

And just don’t ever tell her she can’t do something…because she’ll go out of her way to prove she can.

"Just seeing the sheer joy on peoples faces at the end of a ride, makes my day and brings back the very first feeling I felt."